At the moment we are not planning any symposium so there is no point to send us applications! Thank you for your understanding.

Third international sculpture symposium Vlasenice is taking place from 15th August to 3rd September 2016 in small village Vlasenice near Kamenice nad Lipou. We are proud to introduce you six great artists from five various countries which will make during 3 weeks period statues from granite. Initiator of this idea is one of our artists Alena Matějka and the Vlasenice villages mayor. They used to be schoolmates and both of them was born near Kamenice and grew up here as well. That is why they love this area and desire to improve local life in all aspects.

Witness the art!

Everyone who is interested can come and see how the statue is being created. Sculptors will work in nature behind the village.

26.6.2015 hovořil na ČR Dvojce s Alfrdem Strejčekm o symposiu starosta Lhoty-Vlasenice Milan Houška. Rozhovor začíná krátce po 33. minutě.